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Name: Paul Garrett

Position held at RFC: First Team manager & Seniors Fixtures Secretary 

What aspects of Football do you get most excited about? Watching the development of players into a successful team.


What, in your opinion, makes an excellent football player? I believe the players need to have a good attitude and a good work ethic and also the Coaches need to have good communication skills.


Can you describe how you would go about developing a game plan?

Developing a game plan is all about understanding the level your team plays at and recruiting the players that fit both the level and the balance of your team. It takes time to get across your ideas to your players and then it’s the confidence that drives the players forward to be a good and successful team 


Describe a time when you had an argument with a player. What happened? I once had a player turn up late for a very important game. I found out that he went into the pub before the game. The player in question felt that he should start the game but infact I benched him and the player got changed and left the ground.


Think of the best football game you have witnessed or played for RFC. What were the highlights? The best game I have witnessed was Royal Earlswood V Polgate with an 8-2 victory. The Highlights were that Royal Earlswood were nearly a brand new team! Inflecting a heavy defeat on a team that was a championship team just the season before.